The Benefits of Cutting Substances With Waterjet Cutting


One of the commonly used methods of cutting metal and other material in industrial plants is the waterjet machine. It involves the use of a high-pressure water jet in combination sometimes with plasma or oxy-fuel cutting. The fact that a waterjet machine is a precision instrument means that the cut produced is very clean. This cutting method is especially useful when cutting materials that are quite expensive and rare, because it causes very minimal wastage during cutting. The cutting method finds its application in various industrial process in the manufacture and fabrication of producrts made of metal and other hard materials. Waterjet cutting is advantageous in a number of ways. Here are some benefits of cutting substances using a waterjet cutting machine. Read on omax accessories

When cutting using a waterjet machine, there is no heat evolved. Most of the traditional methods of cutting hard materials such as metal normally uses heat. The cutting is done at very high temperatures that are capable of melting even metal. If the material being worked on has little tolerance to heat, then it may end up being damaged. These delicate materials can easily be damaged by the heat, meaning that you cannot use them anymore. Pressure, rather than heat, is the principle on which waterjet cutting operates, meaning it can be applied to such materials.

There’s very little wastage of material because it has a very high precision of cutting. Waterjet cutting is a precision cutting method. The width of cut when using waterjet cutting could be as little as a millimeter thick. Thus, there is minimal wastage of the material being cut in comparison to the other cutting methods. And since it is carried out using computer software that are quite advanced, it is possible to get even higher degree precision cuts. More about omax waterjet machines

Waterjet cutting is applicable for cutting all kinds of material. Laser and plasma cutting, as well as use of oxy-fuel flame normally involve lots of heat As such, they can only be applied for cutting of a limited numbered of materials such as metal and other hard minerals. On the contrary, waterjet cutting is applicable to all materials, thereby making it quite multipurpose.

The other benefit of using waterjet cutting is the fact that it leaves very little debris after cutting. It is usually necessary to carry out an extra cleaning process on the surface cut by other methods because such surfaces are usually deformed and bent sometimes. Conversely, surfaces cut with a waterjet machine hardly need any extra finishing due to the fact that they are normally as clean as they can get. This makes it easier to work with the material, which in turn translates to less labor required to carry out the tasks.